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Words and Your Heart

The Culture of the Heart PSHE/SEL Teaching Resource, Words and Your Heart, Wonderful You, Kate Jane Neal

Written to help children understand the power of their words.  

‘…Words and your Heart is a beautifully written book exploring how we can both hurt or heal, crush, motivate and love through the words we choose to use. It contains a depth which allows the reader to consider how they have the power to do 'amazing things' with their words as well as providing an insight into how we might feel as a recipient of these words. The book would make an excellent starting point for pupils of all ages to discuss how they can choose to use language and the impact their words can have on each other as well providing a vehicle for pupils to understand how the language of others can affect their emotional well being. The book would make an excellent addition to anti-bullying resources for teachers to share in the classroom, in assemblies and with parents…’


Wendy Delf ​ 



Wonderful You


We are better together than apart. We are incredible in our uniqueness and we are all have a valuable place within community. Join Cat & Pip as they explore the things that make us unique and which bring us together. 

‘…Our differences are good, 

and make our world super interesting!’


Sometimes, we all need to be reminded of just how wonderful we really are. We may all be a little bit different, but it is our differences that make this world so interesting and beautiful. 


5.0 out of 5 stars Lovely book

"I bought this for my child’s school so they can celebrate and appreciate each other’s differences. The SEN head loves it and read it to every classroom."

Powerful You / Your Yes and your No


We all have the power to say two little words with big meaning . . . YES and NO!

You can say YES to trying new things and making new friends.
And sometimes, saying YES can be tricky and lead you wishing you hadn't said it!
You can also say NO to things that make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. 
Saying NO can sometimes take great courage!

Listening to how our bodies and minds feel can help give us the strength to say YES or NO. And that is a brave and powerful thing!

"This is a necessary message and a timeless book for all children, in classrooms and at home".

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