I love the way that a picture book can take you on a journey and  create an encounter though image, word and time.  

I’ve always LOVED writing and making drawings, it is one of my favourite things to do. I’ll often process the day-to-day through drawing and writing. We encounter so many moments in our lives that should be treasured. A picture book can be a precious moment in time that can stay with you forever. My aim is to invest my time in creating books that capture and celebrate these moments for us to share.

I grew up in a small town in Wiltshire, UK. I moved to Cornwall when I was 19 where I met my husband Andy. We moved to Edinburgh, where we both did Arts degrees. I won the Wedgwood New Designer of the Year and was awarded the Andrew Grant scholarship to do a further Postgraduate year. I exhibited in a number of galleries in London & Scotland and was taken to SOFA in Chicago by the Scottish Gallery. Andy and I got married, started a family, and moved back to Cornwall in early 2000 where we built our home. We have four children, three cats and a dog called Luna. I still love making sculptures and paintings, but also have become a research junkie.  At the moment I am getting lots of joy from researching, thinking up creative ways to that help our children thrive, creating lesson plans and picture books.

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